The impacts of the Youtube website and Youtubers to society.

             Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog. How are you guys doing? Do you have a good and wonderful holiday? I hope everyone doing great and Happy belated new year. This  year I am going to write something different from last year, the article will contain more information and likely to give some little knowledges. Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂
               Nowadays, we are living in the time that the social media has been taking a big role to our life. Almost everyone know and play on social media including facebook, instagram, pinterest, and youtube. Those websites are the popular ones. Anything that is posted in the social media can go viral so quickly especially the freak, prank or interesting
              Youtube is the most popular video-sharing website which contain many videos from huge amount of users around the world. It is the most popular and the most well-known video-sharing website. Some video on Youtube are made for entertainment, many videos have advice and suggestion for people who are seeking help on various beauty how-to’s and tutorials.
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            Today, I am going to talk about how the youtuber influence and impact to the society which based on my point of view. Youtuber, sometimes called YouTube personalities or YouTube celebrities. They are a class of internet celebrity who have gained popularity from their videos on youtube website. There are many types of youtuber such as youtuber who make prank and funny video, the singer youtuber, traveller youtuber, and many others more.
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           The kind of Youtuber that has the most influence and impact to me is makeup youtuber. I interested in the makeup thing and stuff, so on my free time I usually find some new makeup video to watch including the makeup tutorial from my favourite youtuber or any other else. There are so many famous beauty guru’s such as Zoella, Ponypony, Pearypie, Kathleen, Daddao, Bethany Mota, Rclbeauty101, and Meredith Foster give some review and tips primarily to teenage girls including routines, hauls, favorites of the year, DIY’s, outfit huals, and makeup or hair tutorials. My main favourite youtubers are Ponypony, Pearypie, Kathleen, and Daddao.
           Ponypony is from Korea, she is very popular and well-known about makeup thing. She has her own makeup brand which I had already brought her lipstick and I think it was quite good.
           The second youtuber is the one I am sure that almost every thai people know her, Pearypie. Pearypie is a thai-youtuber who go famous for international, she has her own style and fashion. She always come with new trend of fashion on her blog and that many people like and follow her style.
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           Kathleen and Daddao are also my favourite youtuber, I have been subscribing them both for a while. They always reviewing the new makeup stuff and suggest us what is worth the price.
           Those youtubers have a big impact to me in the way of buying stuff. I always believe them of what they say and suggest us to try because they are believable and famous. They are like an idol or model for some people especially children age to teenagers. Everything that they do on social media have seen by many people and some people who watch them likely to follow what they tell or do. I think that the  youtuber makes the values in the society especially on the appearance. For example, almost every makeup youtubers are skinny and have white smooth perfect skin, people like and see that those beautiful. It makes values in the society that people has to be skinny and has white skin to be beautiful. This wrong believe in the society can lead to the problem like eating loss fat medicine or unconfident for some people. In additional, if the youtubers use any thing such as the brandname bag, shoes, or any other, it will easily become a hit trend in society and that people will go and buy it.

Not only the makeup youtuber that impact to the society, but other type of youtuber can also impact. Nowadays, we often see the prank video on the social media. It is a video that people try to tease others or make the funny behavior for funny video. This kind of video can easily go viral and gain many interests from the viewers. The prank video is an entertainment video, it fun to watch but sometimes the idea the youtuber use is too violence and bad. Some children might follow the behaviors from some prank video that the youtuber tease too scary and too much.

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         However, youtube also have a positive effect for children in the way of education. There are many educating and learning video in the youtube which give more opportunity for people to learn from the video. For example, people can learn the foreign language from video on youtube for free.
         Another impact that the youtube has influence to the society is the misleading. Because the youtube give an opportunity for every users to post any video on their website, it led to the untrustful and sometimes led to the conflict. Some videos especially on the topic like political campaigns and debates are likely to be misleading to viewers if the uploader is not showing the full conflict or full content, and only defending their side, resulting in a biased video. Biased videos show the negative impact on Youtube in our society by showing only what society wants to see, and not the major and foremost problem.
        attitude-adjustments-managing-negative-employees-the-payroll-blog-Wgl5WL-clipart.jpgTo sums up, I think that the youtube website has both positive and negative impact on the society, it is one of the good quality video website for me but we just always have to be consider when we watch something. Follow and do just a good thing from the youtubers and don’t buy everything that the youtubers say or that you will out of money like me, lol.
         Thanks everyone who come to my blog and hope you guys get something from my article. See you next two weeks!

Making soft cookies 

Hi everyone! I am back here again, guess what I am going to write for this week blog post… As you see on the title, I am going to show you and also teach you how to make my own recipe soft cookies! Before we start, I want you guys to know the begining of my cookies how it comes from. From the begining, I sat with my gangs and then we felt hungry. We didn’t know what to eat and then we saw the flour, that was it all started. We didn’t have all ingredients to make a perfect soft cookie so we just made it depend on our ingredient we had. So let’s see how we made it and how it finished look like➡️➡️➡️➡️

Here are all the ingredients we used.

1. Half piece of unsalted butter

2. Purpose flour

3. 1 teaspoon of salt

4. granulated sugar

5. light brown sugar

6. 1 large egg

7. milk

8. vanilla extract

9. semisweet chocolate chips

Mostly we didn’t measure exactly how much we should put it into, we just used our sense and our feeling. Lol

First of all, mix all together the ingredient in the big bowl except the semi chocolate chips.

 Stare it until all the ingredients become together. 

Put more flour if it looks too liquid so that you can make mold it into several things.

Tadaaa! this are my cookies after I and my friend molded. Looks cute huh? lol. Do anyone know what each cookie are?… There are two dragons, two bears , and one slot. Let’s see how those going to be after we bake.

Bake in the oven for 180 celcious for 12-15 mins until it looks dark brown. 

look! how it showed out to be⬆️⬆️ 

It may not look good but those are sa tasty I guaruntee. 

The cookies are not solid, those are soft and chewy. 

Here is a jumbo cookie we made 🍪🍪🍪

We just lazy to mold it anymore so this is how it came out to be 😂😂😂😂

If anybody want to make a soft chewy cookies so here is a link of how to make a perfect soft chewy cookie. ➡️➡️

My favourite body lotions

Here are all the skin cares I am going to show you today. 

1.Vasaline intensive care cocoa radiant

The fisrt one is from the famous brand skin care product, it is vasaline. Vasaline can make a quality product that give the moisturizer to your all body including lotion and lip care. This one has an ingredient of cocoa which make your skin brighter. The scent is very good, it smells like dessert which is cocoa. When I fisrt used, it smelled so weird to me but it changed to the cocoa scent later which I really love it. It gives moisturizer to your skin but notmake your skin feel sticky. This bottle is very big, I think it is worth the price. If you want to buy it, buy it from the online store because it is not import to thailand makeup store. It costs around 400-450.- 

2.silver pearl

This brand is the online brand, I brought it from the facebook page named silver pearl. This one give you a very strong smell, you can smell it for all day if you use this one. The formula is quite intense and little sticky. If you like a strong smell lotion that give a moisturizer to your skin so you probably like this one. The price is around 300-400.- 

Hi, welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to review all of my color lip blam and some other lip tints. I usually use lip balm with color instead of lipstick becuz I think it gives more natural look and also it moises your lips which make your lips feel comfortable. 

Let’s get started! 

Here are all the lip balms + tints that I am going to review today. The fours count from the left are lip balm, the reminders are lip tints. 


1. Benebalm

The first one is my favourite one “benebalm”. I purchased this one because it is from the brand ‘benefit’ that I had been used some of their product before and it is good so I want to try this one. The packaging is so cute like you see in the picture above. This product came out with 4 colors (red,pink,coral,purple) I chose the red one. When I first used, the texture was softer and smell better than I expected. It can moise your lips well and give you the red natural look on your lips. It can stay on your lips for about 2-3 hours. The price is quite expensive for the lip balm but if compared to its quality, I think it is worth the price! 

2. Clinique

The secone one is from Clinique, it is like the lipstick but actually it is lip balm. It gives you a light red-purple finish look on your lips. This one is little more pigmented than the Benebalm. I like the color of this one, it can stay for 2-3 hours. 

3. Canmake (400-500bath) 

This lip balm gives you a red with a little orange color. The texture is not very smooth and it is not moisturizing enough  for my lips. The color pigment is good and I like its color. To sums up it is so so not too good or bad if compared to the price. 


I’m sure thar everyone would know this lip balm. It probably be the favourite lip balm for many people. It is very moisture and it is a lip treatment so I love this so much. It came out with many favors, I had tried the vanilla almond and the smell is so good. This pink one will give you a very little pink color which it doesn’t show in the picture.

5. Missha tint

Comes to the tint, this is my favourite lip tint ‘missha tint in the coke color’. I like to use lip tint because it can stay on my lips for many hours and it doesn’t give ypu any texture on your lips just dry. It doesn’t give you the moisturizing.The color of missha tint in coke is very cute, it is red color with the little brown like a coke color which I can’t find in other brands. It can stay for many hours and the price isn’t expensive(200-300bath). I very recommended you to try this. One thing I don’t like of this product is that it run out too fast if compared to the othet lip tints. 

5. Peripera tint (05)

Last one is from the peripera product. It is so pigmented and stay for long. You can use only a little. I brought this for 1-2 years ago and it still remain. The taste isn’t good and quite bittle.